Sunday, July 11, 2010

Technology Rules When it Comes to Family Travel

Technology Rules When it Comes to Family Travel

CarMax, the United States' largest retailers of used cars wants to know what parents find necessary when taking long family trips this summer. Modern technology definitely had its place within the responses.

The telephone survey was a part of the CarMax LUV2DRV campaign, which took place on Facebook until July 6, 2010. The aim was to help families make the most of their summer vacation journey. All Facebook users had the chance to enter the giveaway, which featured a grand prize of $2,500 and other items that would be great for your summer road trip!

So what were the results of the survey? Well, 42% of participants said they'd be rate their stress levels pretty high for their anticipated trips, with the average trip lasting about 8.5 hours one way. That's pretty understandable considering the group of participants was made up of 500 parents of kids ages three to fifteen. About half of the survey-takers said music was the one thing necessary to help ease their travel anxiety and the one thing they couldn't live without. 17% said movies are must-have technology, 16% said books, 11% said gaming devices and only 5% said they'd resort to games like "I Spy."

As far as what type of car travelers are using this summer, over half of the respondents said an SUV or Minivan (36% and 34% respectively). 16% were taking a normal sedan, 8% a truck, and 4% would travel in their station wagon.

Technology was definitely important when it came to the "must-have" accessory for the trip. 28% said a GPS or Navigation system is important. That was tied with a DVD System. 14% would take extra cup holders, 8% needed their car racks, as well as the 8% who needed folding or removable seats and 7% who would not leave without an extra power supply.

If you go to CarMax's Facebook page, you can currently download the LUV2DRV "Summer Road Kit Trip" and print it out for your summer vacation. The kit includes, ideas for games to play on the road, helpful app suggestions for your smartphone, quirky tourist spots, safety tips for your vehicle, and the LUV2DRV license plate, which they'd like you to hold in family photos and post on the CarMax Facebook page.

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