Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SilentSense Phone Security

A few days ago I wrote about the new iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner and how it could really help with security and how well it (should) work. Well any victory like that in technology can only be short lived. There will always be someone to challenge and try to outdo the competition. So who will it be this time and what are they going to do to try and compete with the iPhone 5S new security feature? It is a variation of a sensor called SilentSense

This software is being worked on by the geniuses over at Cornell University. It has been deemed to be effective more than 99% of the time. With numbers like that, it could easily become a top contender in the security game for mobile phones. While the researchers did claim that the program was running on Android OS and not iOS, it is still plausible for one to think that this could be integrated onto iOS without too much effort. The way it it works is by "exploiting dynamics from the users touch behavior bio-metrics and the micro-movement of the device by the user's screen-touch actions". Now this basically means that the software provides data, subject to the user, based off of your finger movements and how you manipulate the device while using it.

All in all, this software seems more secure than the fingerprint scanner. But then again, even though it sounds better "on paper" it's still in the works.  We really wont be able to fully tell until both of these security measures are put against each other side by side.  We will see how this "SilentSense" works against the Fingerprint scanner when it finally comes out. The idea of the phone "knowing" your movements, and thus recognizing you as the user is a very cool concept. Be on the look out for more information regarding this software coming soon.