Monday, February 16, 2015

Smartphones in the Year 2015: A New Age Of Technology

The worst thing about smartphones is the fact that when you drop all of your money on a shiny, brand new phone,the latest and greatest thing on the market, but it becomes outdated in just a few short months! Although you might be the coolest guy in the office today (*see photo below), next week you might as well be living in the stone age...Oddly enough, this is also one of the coolest things about the smartphone market; there is always something to look forward to and whenever you get an upgrade there is always going to be something fresh to pick up!

Starting this year, most of the new phones will be using Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 chip. They are the latest and greatest chips out right now, and they are going to make tons of new things possible. Most of the top end smartphones that aren't iPhones use a snapdragon chip, so you know the next generation of Snapdragon is going to pretty much blow everything out of the water.

The processor in any phone is probably the biggest thing to look at. It powers everything; makes everything your phone does possible. Here is a list of some cool new things that are going to be possible with the new Snapdragon 810 chip:

4K Video:
Yes, some smartphones on the market right now already have a 4K display. But that isn't what they are aiming for here. New phones that come out this year will be able to stream 4K video wirelessly to a TV with just a few taps on the screen. (Now that is just super awesome.) You will also be able to record 4K video with most phones. Cameras capable of shooting 4K video aren't exactly new, but the point here is that you will be able to transport 4K video to other devices very easily and it is going to create a whole new world of possibilities!

Way better cameras:

Now that there will be way more powerful processors in smartphones, they can power way better cameras. There is a new smartphone camera made by a company called core photonics that is actually two cameras built into one. It has a wide angle imager, and a fixed telephoto lens that magnifies the image. By combining the two images together, you can take a picture that is better than a DSLR camera.

Recording audio in stereo:

One of the biggest downfalls of recording video with your phone is the fact that it always sounds like well, crap; especially if you are at a concert or something. But with these new processors, you will be able to record video with a high quality, stereo audio track. This means no more mono recordings; also means your chances of becoming a YouTube star greatly increase.

Using your phone as a computer:

The new Snapdragon 810 is 5 times more powerful than any other chip on the market. It has enough power that you will literally be able to wirelessly hook up a monitor and a keyboard and work on it like it is a PC. The possibilities are absolutely insane. Why even have a laptop when you can carry a PC in your pocket?

These are just a few very practical uses that you will be able to get out of the phones that will be coming out this year. There are way more things that you could do, I'm sure. And there will certainly be more apps and services that will come out based on all of the possibilities. If you didn't have an upgrade available when the iPhone 6 came out, don't even worry! You'll have a chance to get something that will make it look like a kid's toy very soon.