Thursday, June 24, 2010

Having a successful camp or retreat

Many groups in the summer from scouts to church groups like to get away from the city or the suburbs to feel closer to God or nature. I know I spent sometime around the old camp fire singing Cumbaya.

Even though getting back to God, nature, what ever is a prime goal-some of the most important events in the camp or retreat is the presentation or meeting. The speaker only has a short time to deliver his or her important message and one way to make this presentation as effective as possible is with visual aids.
Here is an excellent article about the power of visual aids in making an effective message:

There is a wide array of technology that can help make presentations more memorable and meaningful such as laptops or projectors. They are highly portable and in some cases carry their own power source. How do you do this if your particular group is on a budget and your event occurs only every once in a while? You could consider renting a laptop or projector. Here are some places that your group can do this for products such as: DVD projector rentals and forApple laptop rentals nationwide . These people are technology savvy, friendly, and helpful. They will assist you in assessing your needs and can help you make the important meetings and talks memorable.

So the next time you get away form it all, bring some technology with you. It will make your event be the memorable and action provoking.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Trade Show tips for a great trade show success!

Trade shows are an important and expensive part of a companies overall marketing strategy. Presented here are ideas to help make your companies next trade show a great success!

The planning stage

Have an overall goal for your carefully chosen event staff. It is good to have a mix of experienced and new personnel. New people bring excitement and new ideas while experienced personnel avoid some pit falls and bring knowledge and expertise. A lead person should be tasked with reading the exhibitors manual which details exhibitor information such as: schedules, floor plans, time of operation, internet connectivity, and all pertinent details. If you are showing equipment, make sure that appropriate power sources are available and what electrical restrictions might apply; do this in far enough advance so you can pose questions that affect your company directly. Some times though you plan and research the event thoroughly unforeseen challenges arise. You can overcome these challenges by being flexible and being able to link back to headquarters for support, and a good tool to use is a wireless device like the Nextel Radio which provides a superior communication interface. You can find them at

The day of the event

If possible, have the demonstrations running in automatic mode or maybe on a projector or laptop. Remember, at a trade show, you are competing for attendees attention and technology is an excellent means to accomplish this goal. Your event staff needs to be focusing on the people that have chosen to come to your booth, not going through features advantages and benefits. Use technology to do the FAB (features advantages and benefits) while the event staff concentrate on the important part of the show: human interaction! (If you need assistance with this sort of automation, try an organization like the Tech Travel Agent. You can reach them at: or (800) 736-8772. Make sure to do some role-play with event staff to ensure that they are up to date on all the latest company offerings and company wide current events. Finally, the weekend before give them a long weekend-you need your staff bright and energetic-not over worked and jet lagged! Make sure to get business cards from every attendee at the company booth and make sure that their phones and emails are on their business cards!

Post show

Attendees need immediate follow up after the show. There should be some one from HQ who calls the attendees the afternoon after the show, or the Monday afternoon after a weekend show to answer any question about the show, company products, or the company itself. This person is just as if not more important than the event staff! This important follow up should be probably tasked to a marketing manager, not sales staff and certainly not the sales secretary! After the show, evaluate how well the company achieved its trade show goals and fine tune your company strategy to make the next show event better!

Follow these steps, and your company will be on the way to having a successful trade show strategy!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Magellan’s Big Screen GPS Navigator

magellan roadmate 1700Sometimes you may feel that your GPS system just doesn’t have a large enough screen. It may be difficult to focus on the small screen while also trying to focus on the road. Well with Magellan’s RoadMate 1700, this is not an issue.

The RoadMate 1700 offers a full 7-inch screen to accommodate those who don’t want to squint to see the screen of their GPS system. They were designed more for RV and truck drivers or maybe even SUVs and minivans, but really anyone could use it. It features four times the average standard screen size which allows for easy viewing.

Now size is not the only great feature found with the RoadMate 1700. Also included is lane assist, spoken street names, and AAA TourBook travel guide information and assistance. The screen can also be used for viewing media. All that you have to do is plug in your iPod.

The Magellan RoadMate 1700 is now available for $299.
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

In Case of an Emergency, Turn to Sprint

In Case of an Emergency, Turn to Sprint

When you find yourself in an emergency situation, you may have to rely on your cell phone when possible, to help get you out of that situation. Think back over the last year or so and the critical role cell phones played in many natural disasters. Sprint recognizes the role the technology can have and is offering help for your time of need, whether it's downloading an app or tips for using your phone in emergency situations.

Trough the Android Market, Blackberry App World, and GetJar, there are hundreds of apps for Spring phones that allow you to get latest news, weather, and assist emergency personnel. Here is a look at some of those apps:

1. In Case of Emergency (ICE) - This app is available for Andorid & Blackberry. It gives EMTs your critical information such as name, emergency notification numbers, blood type, allergies, doctor's name and existing medical conditions.

2. First Aid - As you can imagine, this app gives you instructions on how to offer first aid. Instructions are clear and concise and include illustrations, videos, and short text. It's only available for Android phones.

3. Medical Spanish - This app is available for Blackbery Smartphones, as well as some Android phones, and is designed to help non-Spanish-speaking medical professionals ask Spanish-speaking patients for vital information.

4. Droid 911 - This app works with HTC Hero and Samsung Moment phones to help users find the nearest police station, hospital, tow truck, fire station, auto repair shop, gas station, or ATM.

5. Florida Evacuates - When the state of Florida is evacuated or there is some sort of emergency in the state, this app will let users known where nearby shelters are, based on your location. It's available for Blackberry users only.

In addition to suggesting apps for emergencies, Sprint also offered the following preparedness tips in a press release, released last week:

  • Keep your phone charged at all times.

  • Purchase a back-up battery and keep it charged, as well.

  • If the power is out, a car adapter should allow you to charge your phone.

  • If water damage is a possibility, keep your phone and accessories sealed in a plastic bag.

  • Keep your family's numbers, as well as important emergency numbers stored in your phone.

  • If a storm is heading your way, take pictures of your belongings and upload them to your personal inbox. If items are damaged, you'll have the "before" pics for insurance purposes.

  • When there is a large scale disaster, most wireless networks experience heavy traffic, so don't forget to use Nextel Direct Connect or send a text instead of making a phone call.

Remember, these apps and tips are great for anyone, especially those who are traveling to places they may not be familiar with this summer!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Get the Weather on Your Nokia N900

Get the Weather on Your Nokia N900

With the new app from WeatherBug, there's no reason you should you should get stuck in the rain. The new app provides worldwide weather information for Nokia N900 Mobile Computer users.

The free (supported by advertisements) app can be purchased at the Ovi Store and it provides users with weather for over 45,000 different locations worldwide. Information provided includes current weather conditions, extended forecasts, radar maps, satellite maps, temperate maps, live camera views, and severe weather alerts. You can split the screen to see both the current conditions and the animated radar map at the same time. In the United States, the app will give you a daily video update of the national forecast.

Chris Brozenick, Vice President and General Manager of Mobile for WeatherBug, said in a press release, "With well over 30 million mobile users accessing weather information every month, weather is the number one content category on mobile devices. The Nokia N900 is an optimal device to access and interact with information from the WeatherBug Network which is exclusive in providing live, local weather content. The WeatherBug for Nokia N900 app is unique in its approach and provides some of the best maps and images available anywhere."

WeatherBug is the operator of the largest weather observing network and a provider of consumer and professional weather services. They monitor, organize, and disseminate global weather information and provide information for millions of consumers and professional organizations. They are a brand of AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc., and provide for customers by planning daily activities, safeguarding lives, and improving business opportunities based on the weather.

Check out a video of how the app works below:

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