Sunday, June 6, 2010

In Case of an Emergency, Turn to Sprint

In Case of an Emergency, Turn to Sprint

When you find yourself in an emergency situation, you may have to rely on your cell phone when possible, to help get you out of that situation. Think back over the last year or so and the critical role cell phones played in many natural disasters. Sprint recognizes the role the technology can have and is offering help for your time of need, whether it's downloading an app or tips for using your phone in emergency situations.

Trough the Android Market, Blackberry App World, and GetJar, there are hundreds of apps for Spring phones that allow you to get latest news, weather, and assist emergency personnel. Here is a look at some of those apps:

1. In Case of Emergency (ICE) - This app is available for Andorid & Blackberry. It gives EMTs your critical information such as name, emergency notification numbers, blood type, allergies, doctor's name and existing medical conditions.

2. First Aid - As you can imagine, this app gives you instructions on how to offer first aid. Instructions are clear and concise and include illustrations, videos, and short text. It's only available for Android phones.

3. Medical Spanish - This app is available for Blackbery Smartphones, as well as some Android phones, and is designed to help non-Spanish-speaking medical professionals ask Spanish-speaking patients for vital information.

4. Droid 911 - This app works with HTC Hero and Samsung Moment phones to help users find the nearest police station, hospital, tow truck, fire station, auto repair shop, gas station, or ATM.

5. Florida Evacuates - When the state of Florida is evacuated or there is some sort of emergency in the state, this app will let users known where nearby shelters are, based on your location. It's available for Blackberry users only.

In addition to suggesting apps for emergencies, Sprint also offered the following preparedness tips in a press release, released last week:

  • Keep your phone charged at all times.

  • Purchase a back-up battery and keep it charged, as well.

  • If the power is out, a car adapter should allow you to charge your phone.

  • If water damage is a possibility, keep your phone and accessories sealed in a plastic bag.

  • Keep your family's numbers, as well as important emergency numbers stored in your phone.

  • If a storm is heading your way, take pictures of your belongings and upload them to your personal inbox. If items are damaged, you'll have the "before" pics for insurance purposes.

  • When there is a large scale disaster, most wireless networks experience heavy traffic, so don't forget to use Nextel Direct Connect or send a text instead of making a phone call.

Remember, these apps and tips are great for anyone, especially those who are traveling to places they may not be familiar with this summer!

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