Monday, February 16, 2015

Smartphones in the Year 2015: A New Age Of Technology

The worst thing about smartphones is the fact that when you drop all of your money on a shiny, brand new phone,the latest and greatest thing on the market, but it becomes outdated in just a few short months! Although you might be the coolest guy in the office today (*see photo below), next week you might as well be living in the stone age...Oddly enough, this is also one of the coolest things about the smartphone market; there is always something to look forward to and whenever you get an upgrade there is always going to be something fresh to pick up!

Starting this year, most of the new phones will be using Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 chip. They are the latest and greatest chips out right now, and they are going to make tons of new things possible. Most of the top end smartphones that aren't iPhones use a snapdragon chip, so you know the next generation of Snapdragon is going to pretty much blow everything out of the water.

The processor in any phone is probably the biggest thing to look at. It powers everything; makes everything your phone does possible. Here is a list of some cool new things that are going to be possible with the new Snapdragon 810 chip:

4K Video:
Yes, some smartphones on the market right now already have a 4K display. But that isn't what they are aiming for here. New phones that come out this year will be able to stream 4K video wirelessly to a TV with just a few taps on the screen. (Now that is just super awesome.) You will also be able to record 4K video with most phones. Cameras capable of shooting 4K video aren't exactly new, but the point here is that you will be able to transport 4K video to other devices very easily and it is going to create a whole new world of possibilities!

Way better cameras:

Now that there will be way more powerful processors in smartphones, they can power way better cameras. There is a new smartphone camera made by a company called core photonics that is actually two cameras built into one. It has a wide angle imager, and a fixed telephoto lens that magnifies the image. By combining the two images together, you can take a picture that is better than a DSLR camera.

Recording audio in stereo:

One of the biggest downfalls of recording video with your phone is the fact that it always sounds like well, crap; especially if you are at a concert or something. But with these new processors, you will be able to record video with a high quality, stereo audio track. This means no more mono recordings; also means your chances of becoming a YouTube star greatly increase.

Using your phone as a computer:

The new Snapdragon 810 is 5 times more powerful than any other chip on the market. It has enough power that you will literally be able to wirelessly hook up a monitor and a keyboard and work on it like it is a PC. The possibilities are absolutely insane. Why even have a laptop when you can carry a PC in your pocket?

These are just a few very practical uses that you will be able to get out of the phones that will be coming out this year. There are way more things that you could do, I'm sure. And there will certainly be more apps and services that will come out based on all of the possibilities. If you didn't have an upgrade available when the iPhone 6 came out, don't even worry! You'll have a chance to get something that will make it look like a kid's toy very soon.



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Google Now on Apple

An update to the Google Search app for the iPhone and iPad includes Google Now, Google's personal assistant. Google Now uses individually selected interests and info that Google already knows about you from your Google searches. Google now uses your search data to anticipate what you need. For example, Google Now shows you traffic for frequent travel routes. Google Now will display scores for your favorite sport teams and other things it thinks you want to know such as links to the latest blog posts, news sites and entertainment news too.

But iOS devices already come with Apple's personal assistant, Siri. With Siri already built into the iPhone and iPad, is there really a point to having Google Now as well?

There are a lot of things that make Siri and Google now very similar. They can both show you sports scores and good places to eat near you. They can both get you directions. But the cool thing about Siri is that it can actually do things for you like set up new calendar events or reminders for the future. You can also have Siri text or call people for you, play music for you, and even launch apps or update your Facebook status. Siri is also really easy to access even when you are in another app. All you ever have to do is push a button.

Google Now
Google decided to make something a little bit different from Siri. It has voice search which is built into the Google Search app, but it doesn't really focus on getting information for you on command. The main thing that Google Now has is that is can anticipate what you need before you even ask for it. That is the main difference between Google Now and Siri.

Before you leave for work, Google Now will show you traffic updates for your trip to work. It will show you local news stories and sports scores of all the teams you like. You'll already have all of this waiting for you when you wake up. As long as you have your location on, and you are logged into Google when you search, your life can be this easy. If you don't do either of those things, then Google Now is pretty much useless.

As you may have guessed, it also uses mostly Google apps. It uses the Google Calendar and Gmail, so if you don't use those apps then it will also be a little less useful than it could be.

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As far as which one is better, they are actually both really awesome. And the cool thing is that you can use Google Now and Siri at the same time! If you are smart, that is exactly what you will do. Siri is the best at answering questions for you and making hands free calls. It is way easier to do things hands free with Siri.

Google Now is really awesome for having the information you need right when you need it without even trying. It is one of the most convenient things ever. And there is no reason in the world that you can't be taking advantage of both of them!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do Apple's "Limitations" Lead You To Other Competitors, Or Does It Even Matter?

If you turn on the TV right now, odds are that you're going to see a commercial at some point about another tech company bashing Apple products. Shots fired. Microsoft is clearly throwing blows at Apple with some of their recent product likes. If you've seen anything involving the Surface Pro 3, the ever-popular tablet-laptop hybrid, you've more than likely seen it taking shots at Apples Macbook and iPad. Apple might not be having the best year in terms of tablets or laptops, and the competition isn't holding back on the ammo they have. Even Microsoft's Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro has its own commercial throwing punches at the Macbook Air. These commercials can be pretty funny to those techies out there (such as yours truly) that know about the devices and brands, but others might actually feed into the commercials. But, that's the point right?

Are you feeding into the hype/lack-there-of? Should you be feeding into it, or not feeding into it?

Is Apple Really "Limited"?
There seems to be some sort of notion that Apple is limited because their products can't "do" as much as products from competitors. Apples Macbook can't bend the way that Microsoft's Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro can, this is completely true. The Yoga and bend to "tent" mode and to "tablet" mode. That's all well and good, but at the end of the day, I'm not looking for a computer that can do gymnastics. I'm looking for a computer that can perform the tasks that I need it to perform, and run the software that I need it to run. Not to mention the new Yoga Pro 3 is starting at $1,300, where as the Macbook Air is $400 cheaper on it's starting price. Unless the competing products actually have better inner workings to perform better, are you actually getting a better product? I guess that would all just be a matter of opinion at that point.

Opinions Do Matter
Everyone has their own opinion on what their favorite products are or what their favorite brand is. There is nothing wrong with this. The deciding factor doesn't need to be based off of how far back your screen can bend or if you can stick a keyboard onto your tablet. The deciding factor should be what you're going to be using the device for the most. Are you going to be performing functions that would be better suited for a laptop? Then get the most powerful laptop that you can. You're only as fast as your computer after all. Maybe your duties would work better with a tablet. Should that be the case, then just get the best tablet on the market. All of these other "gimmicks" are nice, but would the novelty where off? Well, there in lies the "opinion" factor.

Should Apple Be Worried?
This question is both reasonable, and completely laughable, all at the same time. Apple has done a simply amazing job at making a brand that essentially sells itself now. That's not to say that they don't deliver quality products. The new 5K iMac computer performs just as incredibly as the screen looks. Apple's Macbooks and iMacs might be able to bend and turn into Transformers, you might not even be able to utilize any touchscreen functionalities with them, but you do know that you're getting a product that has done so blazingly well, that they don't have to do much with their advertising other than show a small clip of the product itself and then flash their logo. Yes, the competitive market has made their point that they can do a quite a lot physically, that the Apple can't do. Apple is still king of the hill though, so what is that really saying about Apple and the competition?

No matter what your brand or product choice is, laptop, laptop-tablet hybrid, or a laptop that folds out into a couch, remember that quality is what you're looking for. At the end of the day, do you want a device that give you top-notch performance? Or, would you rather a device that could join our U.S. gymnastics team and give you mild performance. The choice should be pretty clear.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ashton Kutcher's New Creation Is A Tablet With A Built In Projector

The creation that Lenovo and Ashton Kutcher built together is actually something to get excited about. The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is a 13 inch tablet that is designed for "digitally hungry consumers" according to the company. It has a lot of really cool features that you are not going to find anywhere else. The most notable feature would have to be the build in pico projector. That's right, there is actually a projector built directly into the tablet!

The projector can produce a 16:9 image on any surface you can find. You can get the picture as big as 50 inches while still having a good picture. This is really great for watching Netflix on the go, or really anything. You could watch cat videos on YouTube if you'd like. To go along with the awesome projector feature, they have also decided to give you awesome sound. The tablet has two front speakers and even a built in subwoofer. With a full charge, you can watch projected movies for up to three hours. If you're plugged in to a charger, obviously it can last forever.

Just because it has the really cool projector feature doesn't mean they forgot to give you a nice screen as well. If you choose to watch videos on the screen, you'll be pleased by the QHD 2560 x 1440 display with up to 15 hours of batter life. It also has another cool feature that lets you hang the tablet up on a wall. This would come in handy while watching how to videos or cooking videos.

Other than that, everything else is pretty much standard. It comes with 32GB of storage which is pretty good, and you can always upgrade the storage with the microSD slot. There is also an 8 megapixel camera and the option of adding on 4G connectivity. is one of the nation's largest projector rental suppliers, and has partner companies that rent any kind of technology you can dream of. Contact us today at 888-736-8301!

If anyone else thought like me, they probably thought that the whole Ashton Kutcher thing was a big publicity stunt by Lenovo and that nothing that great would ever come out of it. As it turns out, Kutcher's new creation might actually be the most neat tablet to come out yet!