Friday, March 30, 2012

Google Maps Now Offer Real-time Arrival Estimations

If you are going somewhere and need to get there as quickly as possible, Google Maps can now offer you some assistance.

Google Maps has upgraded and now allows users to see an estimated arrival time based on real-time traffic conditions. When you go to Google Maps and search for directions to wherever you are going, you will now have a few options. You will be shown several different routes on the map with arrival times based on if there is no traffic, as well as different routes with arrival times based on the current traffic conditions at that time.

"In areas where the information is available, this new and improved feature evaluates current traffic conditions and is constantly being refreshed to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date estimate possible," wrote Szabolcs Payrits, the software engineer for Google Maps, in a post on Thursday, March 30.

Some people might remember that in the past Google Maps had something similar to the estimated travel-time based on traffic conditions. It used to say something to the effect that if there was traffic, it could take this long to arrive at your destination. However, these estimated times were based on historic traffic data. Now, Google Maps will be much more helpful with the real-time traffic updates.

"We hope being able to plan your travels based on current traffic information saves you time and perhaps even prevents some road frustration," Payrits wrote. "Happy driving!"

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