Thursday, August 9, 2012

Best Tech Gadgets To Use On An Overseas Trip

Posted by John Beagle 
Written by Ryan Franklin

Are you getting ready to trek overseas for work or vacation? There is no need to leave all your favorite gadgets at home. Part of the fun of traveling can be recording your experiences with a camera, or enjoying your beloved e-reader and portable DVD player in an unfamiliar land. Plus, here are three travel specific gadgets that will make your overseas trip even better:

1.     You might not be a polyglot, but your electronic Franklin Global Translator is! Especially if your trip will take you through a variety of different countries, a guidebook for each language may not be practical to stuff in your pack. Plus, one of the most exciting parts about traveling is that you never know when you’ll end up in a bar with a group of people from all the corners of the world. This global translator speaks 12,000 pre-programmed phrases and knows 450,000 words in 12 different languages.

2.     What good is a gadget if it’s all out of juice? One of the smartest things you can bring along with you on your overseas trip is a travel adapter. When you travel outside of North America, you are going to encounter a surprisingly wide array of electrical systems, which means unusual plug configurations and non-standardized voltages. Shoot for a combination converter/adapter like the Conair Travel Smart that will allow you to both adapt to different plugs and convert the voltage to appropriate amounts. You can usually ascertain pretty quickly which sort of plug you need, but the voltage question may be trickier. It’s nice to have just one device for both purposes.

3.     If you have ever traveled to a third world country, you probably already know the lecture: don’t drink the water, and don’t eat the street food! But with the SteriPen Ultraviolet Bacteria and Pathogen Killing Water Wand, you can drink easy. Simply stick this purifier into a glass or bottle of water and turn it on. It only needs about 48 seconds to transform 16 ounces into safe, potable water.

Remember, make sure to keep your gadgets locked up and secured while you’re traveling!

Ryan Franklin is a guest blogger who writes about international travel and the benefits of air charters. He is based in Teterboro.

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