Friday, May 8, 2015

Samsonite Creates Smart Luggage That Can Check Itself In At The Airport

Luggage maker Samsonite has teamed up with Samsung to bring you smart luggage. That's probably not what it's actually called, but let's be honest here, the term is coming. And everyone remember that I said it first. According to The Daily Mail, the luggage that the two companies are working on will let you track the location of your bags, tell you if anyone is opening them, and somehow they will actually be able to move themselves. You will be able to track all this from an app that you will be able to install on any smartphone.

Other cool features include sending you alerts right when the luggage is taken off the plane or moved to the carousel. The companies are also working on being able to have the bags check themselves in automatically when you get to the airport. Pretty soon you won't have to do anything when  you get to the airport.

Another crazy thing they are working on is a bag that will be self propelled and will actually be able to follow you anywhere you go as you make your way around the airport. It will be able to follow six inches behind you at all times. They will have their own remote control too. This is either really cool, or really creepy. I feel like airports are about to look like an episode of The Jetsons.

Apparently it's going to be a little while before all of this takes off though. The company is still working on everything, and still trying to make the motor and remote control small enough to fit into the bag without taking up too much valuable room.

Is this the future of luggage? Is this what we can expect to see in airports in the next few years? Will it even be that cool? Who knows, but it is still a pretty neat idea. And, Samsung doesn't really disappoint with anything they are involved in, so at least we know it will be a serious product.

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