Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kansas City Now Has its Own iPhone App

Kansas City Now Has its Own iPhone App

There's an app for almost everything these days and now you can include traveling to Kansas City in the mix. A new app called "Kansas City Uncovered - a Sassy Look at a Midwestern Gem" has been created by Sutro Media and it is now available from the Apple iTunes store.

It was compiled by Diana Lambdin Meyer, a travel writer and resident of the city. She came up with 109 restaurants and attractions along with 639 pictures (shot by her husband, photographer Bruce Meyer) for the app. Meyer said she tried to come up with "fun, distinct and memorable" selections and tried to include some information that even the most savvy of Kansas City residents and travelers would not know about.

According to the St. Joseph News-Press, a "marketing blurb" that comes along with the app reads, "This guide gives you the facts, as well as a little sass and trash talk as only longtime residents of the city can provide. Who would you ask about the controversial newspaper ad for the Blueberry Margaritas or what services Count Basie received at the Phoenix Jazz Bar?"

So what kind of attractions will you find in the app? There are museums, gardens, places to take children, attractions, fountains, nightlife, restaurants and even trivia. Did you know the first Walt Disney studio was located in Kansas City? Did you know the Happy Meal started there? You can also learn about different tours and hikes and some of the town's history. Visiting a specific neighborhood? You can use the app to tell what you can do in that specific area.

Meyer says she has lived in the city for 25 years and had a hard time narrowing down what she wanted to use for the app. Restaurants were the hardest things to choose from. She and her husband picked out their favorites, as well as asking others what they would suggest. She cut that list down to 50 restaurants, plus ten of Kansas City's famous barbecue places. The restaurant section includes facts such as where to get the best margarita in town and even some information on some of the city's iconic places to eat.

One of her favorites was a place called You Say Tomato. Of the restaurant she says, "It's a farm-to-table restaurant in an old building that used to be a neighborhood grocery store, and everything has tomato in it. Excellent food, independently owned and they wear tomatoes on their heads. We had to include it."

Each place to visit, be it a restaurant or attraction, comes with pictures, information such as prices, whether it's child-friendly or not, any interesting facts, and of course contact information and links to websites. There's also a map and walking or driving directions to each location.

The app can be downloaded for your iPhone for $1.99 at or the Apple iTunes Store.

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