Thursday, January 28, 2010

Americans Don’t Speed Much?

american dont speedBefore doing some research, I would have confidently said that a huge percentage of American drivers have the tendency to speed, but according to the GPS data from the TomTom this is not necessarily true.

Recently, the company compiled their data from the Speed Profiles database of the TomTom to see how many drivers that owned a TomTom were speeding. See TomTom’s IQ Routes and Tele Atlas map business unit feature can actually track the average speed of drivers on their routes.

I don’t know about you, but it seems that every time I get on the road there’s always some crazy maniac out there flying down the highway, but according to TomTom this really isn’t that many people. They reported that drivers from the fastest states in the country, Mississippi, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, and Alabama, were staying within or slightly above the speed limits of 65-75 mph.

As amazing as it may seem according to TomTom, drivers out there just don’t seem to be speeding, well…at least the ones that own a TomTom.

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