Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stalk Celebrities on Your Next Trip to Hollywood with New iPhone App

Stalk Celebrities on Your Next Trip to Hollywood with New iPhone App

Millions of people head to Hollywood each year to experience glitz and glamour and a good celebrity sighting story to tell their friends back home. Some hope they'll bump into Clint Eastwood at a restaurant or find themselves shopping next to Julia Roberts. Others go all out and sign up for a bus tour that takes them all around the city, driving by celebrity homes and hotspots.

If you're planning to visit Los Angeles this year, chances are you hope to spot a celebrity or two. Well, thanks to B/C Interactive, there is now an app for that. Released last month, Celebrity Star Maps, a new iPhone app, is the key to making your dreams come true...sort of.

This app cuts out the need for a bus tour and guides you to the stars' homes via GPS navigation. It even provides you with aerial views of the various mansions. And just like the bus tours, it it'll take you to a host of celebrity hotspots - places voted most likely to see a star. It even provides you with various celebrity biographies.

The app is only $4.99 at the iTunes store and may be worth price if celeb-hunting is your cup of tea. Bus tours can run anywhere from $25 to over $100. Of course, you'll have to drive yourself around to your various destinations and if you've ever driven in Los Angeles, you know paying the extra cash for a chauffeur isn't always a bad idea.

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