Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2011 Ford Focus Receives MyFord Touch

2011 Ford FocusDetroit has long been the motor capitol of the country and the 2010 Detroit Auto show has just kicked off showcasing the newest advancements in automotive technology as well as the latest models of some of our favorite cars, trucks and SUVs. Automotive manufacturers from all over the world arrive at the Detroit Auto Show to put their latest and greatest on display but it is Detroit's local comapany Ford that has been making headlines recently.

Ford's plans for their 2011 Focus have already been made official and there are a lot of new additions to the Focus that have already made people start talking. While the Focus' new six-speed dual-clutch transmission or 155bhp is higher on some people's excitement list, one thing that should definitely be on there is the inclusion of the MyFord touch control system which was designed to push the modern dashboard into the touchscreen age we are currently living in.

The tech involved in the MyFord Touch is impressive. MyFord Touch is powered by the second generation Ford Sync which is essentially built on Microsoft Auto 4.0. MyFord Touch does its very best to replace every single knob and button on your typical dashboard with improved voice recognition, touch screens, touch-sensitive buttons and thumb-wheel controls. All your information is displayed on two 4.2" full-color LCD screens on located on both sides of an analog speedometer with 5-way navigation buttons on both sides of the steering wheel which gives the driver complete control over data on the corresponding left/right display (left buttons for the left display, right buttons for the right display).

The left side screen displays information like fuel economy, mechanical status and safety features as the right screen displays comfort and entertainment settings like audio settings, climate controls, phone communications and navigation menus. At the top of the center console rests and 8" touchscreen LCD. This screen acts as your hub for your phone, navigation, climate, audio/entertainment functions and also features fingertip slider controls for the adjustment of your radio's volume and your climate fan speed and if using your hands is "so last year" for you then voice commands can be used in most cases as well.

A new feature that is going to be made standard on all MyFord and sync-equipped cars is Ford's existing Traffic, Directions and Information application. With the help of an SD card slot and Upgradeable SD cards containing certain information, like the map database and voice data, you can get enhanced 3D map-based navigation. There are also a bunch of apps that will be available for MyFord as well.

Ford's App Ecosystem is exposing software that will hopefully allow any and all Bluetooth devices to communicate with your vehicle. This basically means that Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, iPhone, Blackberry and any other device like these are good to go. Your apps will be able to write to the sync display, receive voice commands, have the car read text to speech and even receive some data from the car. Any existing apps can be added with Sync Support and apps appear to connect to the car quickly.

With the MyFord Touch, the 2011 Focus' screen will also double as a web browser while the car is parked. Connectivity is provided by either 3G or 4G modem which has to be plugged into one of two USB ports that are tucked under the arm rest. After the connection is made presto! You're car becomes a WiFi hotspot. With the SD card reader and the RCA inputs you can input video into the 8" display as well.

Overall the MyFord Touch feature in the 2011 Ford Focus seems pretty awesome. Touch screen capabilities is a growing trend on all of today's technology and it only makes sense that it would branch out into car dashboards. Ford, with all of the new technologies it is adding in its new models, is making the technological jump into the future fast and doesn't show any signs of stopping.

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