Monday, February 1, 2010

Get Real-Time Travel Info to Your iPhone with TripTracker

Get Real-Time Travel Info to Your iPhone with TripTracker

Two new apps for the iPhone and iPod touch have been released by Pageonce. The apps, TripTracker and TripTracker Pro, put all of your travel documents in one place and helps you manage your itineraries. All you do is download the app, enter your airline and hotel account information, and from that moment on, anytime you travel, your information will automatically appear on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Guy Goldstein, the CEO of Pageonce, had this to say about the apps,"TripTracker was designed specifically to be your mobile travel agent, saving traveller’s time on organising the annoying details. What makes TripTracker unique is that it’s the only app on the Appstore that automatically pushes real-time travel details to your iPhone, removing the inconvenience of adding it manually or sending e-mail commands to a third party provider."

The app features a number travel tools that will help manage your travel, whether it be for business or pleasure, in a hands-off manner. You can track live flights worldwild, including gate numbers, delays and cancellations. Also, you can keep track of hotel confirmation numbers, your check in and out dates, phone numbers and maps to the hotel.

Your iPhone will buzz with itenerary updates, even when it's not open. You'll also be provided with life flight maps and weather radars, and reports in your departing and destination locations. For future trips, your hotel and flight information will be automaticaly imported so you're not constantly having to retype everything and you can access your itenerary with one click. You'll even be notified when a frequent travel reward is granted to you. Pageonce also said that car rental information will be added in the near future.

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