Thursday, February 4, 2010

Find a Warm Winter Vacation with Fodor's 80 Degrees

Find a Warm Winter Vacation with Fodor's 80 Degrees

If you're tired of snow and sub-freezing temperatures, you may be thinking about taking a winter vacation to somewhere tropical, or at least somewhere warmer than where you are now. Well, Fodor's "80 Degrees" quiz will help you find your ideal vacation. As the website says, "tell us about your travel style and we'll recommend the perfect destination for you."

I decided to take the quiz, myself, to see what all the hoopla is about. To begin, you choose between "popular" and "off the beaten path," with three options in between, based on what your vacation desires are. Once you've picked either one (or one of the options in the middle), you hit "next" and you're given a number of other options. You can choose whether you'd like to "stay on a resort" or "go out exploring" and you can choose between "budget" and "upscale," depending on how much you'd like to spend. You then select who is going on the trip, with your choices being "just you," a "romantic getaway," "taking the kids" or "a large group." This completes Step One of the quiz.

In Step Two, you're given a list of activities and you are to choose how important each one is to you. The activities included are shopping, beautiful beaches, scuba diving, adrenaline sports, natural wonders, fine dining, excellent nightlife, casinos/gambling, golf, hiking, family activities, museums/historical sites, and snorkeling. Step Three is about lodging. First you decided how much you want to spend per night. The website gives a range of $150-450. Then it gives you optional amenities such as kitchen, pool, spa, children's programs, all-inclusive, and on the beach.

Finally, in Step Four, you have to decide on the logistics of the trip. You decided how long you're willing to travel and how many connecting flights you're willing to take, and then it gives you an option of destinations including Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize or you can select "I am a United States citizen without a passport." Once you've made all these decisions, click on "get your results" and you're provided with your top ten matches.

For what it's worth, my top spot was the Florida Keys and the website provides you information about your assigned destination. It shows how the destination matches up to the activities you've chosen, things you can do while you're there, explains the logistics of getting there and even recommends hotels in the area.

Don't like your selections? That website is easy to navigate and starting over is easy to do. If you do like your selection, you can visit Fodor's online guide to the vacation spot and start planning your trip to 80 degree weather! Fore more information and to take the quiz yourself, visit

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