Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In-Dash iPhone Dock Announced

Forget the days of hooking your iPhone or iPod to various wires to get the music to play through your car speakers. Now the folks at Dual Electronics have solved that problem for us with an in-dash iPhone dock with AM/FM capabilities.

Simply looking at the 200-watt XML8110 in its original form, you wouldn't think it's anything but a regular AM/FM car stereo. But it unfolds to show you a spot to dock your iPhone directly to it. It comes with optional steering control input, remote control, Bluetooth for hands-free operation with caller ID. There's also a iPhone app in the works to go along with it.

The price isn't very steep, at $99, its definitely not at the far end of the pricing spectrum. If you use your iPhone a lot while traveling, it may prove to be a worthwhile investment, and it'll save your iphone from bouncing around in the car.
(h/t: Dvice)

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