Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Make Your Wallet Digital With Google Wallet

If you were not aware until just recently, Google has a new popular app called Google Wallet. Launched in 2011, Google's payment plan solution has just became more aware to many new users while traveling. Similar to Paypal, Google Wallet is an easier way to pay while traveling. But, there are many more different features that Google Wallet has to offer than just owning a Paypal account where you can spend and send money securely over devices. Google Wallet lets you forget about carrying all of your plastic cards on the go and easily makes everything available on your cellphone.

It makes shopping easier and efficient, and also allows users to take advantage of loyalty programs as well as send money to other people. While using Google Wallet, you will never miss out on any loyalty points. Users can store all loyalty programs by adding any existing programs with scanning the cards or have the option of joining new program sin the app and leave cards at home! Some of the programs Google Wallet supports are Walgreens, American Eagle, Avis, Orbitz Rewards and tons more shops to choose from. No worries on staying safe and protected either. Google Wallet comes with 24/7 fraud monitoring as a part of the Google Wallet Fraud Protection. So if your phone/card is lost it can be disabled from your Google Wallet account without a hassle.

But if you are just hearing about Google Wallet, it can be very convenient while traveling. All that is needed is to download the app and also sign up with your Google account online. Doesn't matter what type of cellphone carrier you have because Google supports both Android or iOS. You can add money to your balance from any bank account for free, but be aware of the 2.9% fee you receive if you try to add money from a credit or debit card. The Google Wallet card is accepted at many MasterCard locations already, and you are able to spend a limit of $5,000 every 24 hours; this limit does not include cash withdrawals from ATM machines or banks.

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