Friday, August 12, 2011

Hotels Now Offering Rooms with Workout Equipment

Westin Workout Hotel RoomLet's be honest, the last thing many of us would probably want to think about while on vacation is our workout routine right? I mean, how can you enjoy your time of relaxation if you are constantly trying to make it to the hotel workout room or worrying about what you are going to eat that day? However, there may be a way to make your vacation workout time easier as many hotels are beginning to offer rooms that come equipped with weights, yoga mats and even treadmills or elliptical machines.

According to Chris Carmichael, CEO and Head Coach for Carmichael Training Systems, "The increased popularity of in-room fitness options has to do with convenience and effectiveness. People can get the job done without leaving their room, get it done quickly and get on with their day."

Keeping up with this trend, the Hotel 71 in Chicago created five 600-square-foot fitness suites as part of a $15 million renovation. Two of the rooms feature elliptical machines, three have treadmills and all have 43" TVs that guests can use to play things like workout DVDs. However, these rooms will cost you a little extra. The average nightly rate is $179, though the suites will also be offered to members of the hotel's loyalty program as an upgrade.

"Our fitness center is available 24 hours a day, but some people find it awkward to go down there in the middle of the night," said General Manager Steve Shern. "Others just want the ability to work out in their own private space."

Other, larger hotel chains are jumping on the bandwagon as well. Both Affinia Hotels and the Hilton Garden Inn chain offer complimentary fitness kits, which include yoga mats, stretching blocks, workout bands and weights. The Hilton Garden also includes an 8-lb. ball for abdominal workouts.

Some hotel companies are even making partnerships with athletic and training companies to provide everything from exercise videos to workout clothes. Guests of the Sheraton can take advantage of complimentary video-on-demand routines and "workout in a bag" kits developed by the athletic training company Core Performance. At the Westin guests can borrow complimentary athletic shoes as well as workout clothes due to a partnership with New Balance.

"Frequent travelers have realized that being fit makes travel easier," Carmichael stated. "They don't want to put their lifestyle on hold when they leave town." Shern added, "I talked to one guest who told me the machine was staring at her the entire time. She said it was a great source of motivation to actually get on it."

Source: MSNBC - Hotels bring the workout to your room

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