Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ford Tri-Motor at Port Clinton Airfield

The large hangar at the fixed base operator (FBO) site at the Port Clinton Ohio airfield houses a partially reconstructed/restored Ford Tri-motor. In the late 1920's Henry Ford successfully endeavored to build what was the first commercially feasible passenger airplane fleet in the world - the Ford Tri-motor. The work of restoring and recreating one of these aircraft is a very ambitious project.

The local EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Chapter 1247 started this monumental task several years ago thinking to preserve the airplane for history. Warren Cermak is the lead person on the project. The club goal was to create a working aircraft. Since that time they have expanded their horizon to include housing the vehicle in a museum for the public to see and enjoy. The tri-motor will be used for sightseeing rides as well as being on display in the museum. The museum will be located on the Port Clinton airfield but on the opposite side of the field from the FBO near the roadway and will have a (50's?) diner included.

The chapter has established the Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation to accommodate donations that help support the purchase of materials for the project and the museum. Please visit their website to view a video of the project and its goals. All funds donated are being matched two for one ($2 additional for every $1 donated) by a private donor.
We are amazed at the dedication of Chapter 1247 for the past few years and admire the work already accomplished.

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