Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VACATION! BEACH! SUN! FAMILY! FOOD! Bethany Beach Delaware!

Everybody loves the beach (or the unit that is airconditioned and looks out on the beach..). The 'beachies' have a sand chair, reading material, a cold drink, a beach towel, maybe a beach umbrella, a friend or two, music available, french fries at some point in the sunbathing day, a quick dip in the 'cool' ocean or (if you are lucky) the pool, and finally the conversation spoken (or not) about where will I eat tonight...
Then it is crabs or ribs or corn on the cob - progressing to movies or boardwalk or cards or a walk on the now cool beach. If you are lucky, you see the sand cleaner machine in action making things ready for the next day.
If you are really lucky you see dolphins just off the beach or wind surfers or kayakers.
Finally just to make you sigh in pleasure you see this marvelous moon.

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