Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heros in Our Back Yard, Dayton Ohio

Honor to the Heros
Locals were among the glitter and warmth of an evening celebration to enroll four men honored by being named into the National Aviation Hall of Fame. This year of the 50th annual ceremony was particularly special to admit Iven C. Kincheloe, Carles E. McGee, S. Harry Robertson and Thomas D White to the ranks of men and women honored.
The hundreds of people attending the black tie dinner at the Dayton Convention Center included Neil Armstrong, Amanda Wright Lane, Col. Thomas Moe, Frank Borman, Gen. Richard Cody, and Sec. of the U. S. Air Force, Michael B. Donley.
These awards are for past heroic efforts and great contributions to the history of aviation. As the biographies were read by the presenters, these men may have not been in the limelight but were outstanding by the sheer donations they have made over the years.
Col. Charles E. McGee, USAF retired was the only honoree able to accept the award on his own behalf. The acceptance speech given by this 91 year old man gave great credit to the men under his command. His 409 aerial flights over three wars is a record that tells he was in
the air with the men in his squadron. He was a fine leader who gained their loyalty, respect and admiration.
We had the particular pleasure of sitting with Betty Tach Blake. Mrs. Blake was in the first class of WASPs in 1943. These WASP pilots ferried the airplanes from coast to coast as they were manufactured. What that statment does not tell you is that these women were also the test pilots of each plane as they were inspected but not flown before they were transferred to their final destination.
Watch for the announcement next year. if at all possible you will be thrilled to attend the Dayton Ceremony.

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