Friday, March 20, 2015

Could We See the iPad Pro Release in 2015?

The Apple iPad has been getting improvements with every generation. The iPad Air series is the thinnest and most powerful one to ever come out, but now the legendary tablet is about to get a "Pro" title. The iPad Pro will be the next generation of the tablet series that started it all, and it is expected to be so sweet that it could ACTUALLY replace your laptop. Rumor has it that it will have a way more powerful processor, dual operating systems, and even a keyboard that can be attached to it.

Of course, if it is going to be a "Pro" model and replace your laptop, it's going to have to be pretty big. Well, it is. The iPad Pro is going to have a 12.9 inch display and not only is it going to be pretty big for a tablet, but it is going to be the best display Apple has ever used on a tablet as well. In addition to that there will apparently be a 2K version and a 4K version. The iPad Air has a really great display with a 2048 x 1536 display, but the 4K version of the iPad Pro will be somewhere around 4096 x 3072. So you can see how big of a difference that will make.

Apple also recently filed a new patent for their Smart Cover. Eventually they will release one that has a full keyboard built into it. The keyboard will also operate separately from the cover so you will be able to use it wirelessly. It might also include gesture control, which would make a lot of things a ton easier. This would make the iPad Pro even more useful.

There is also talk of the Pro coming with a stylus too. If they want to compete with other companies, this would be a good idea. I know that Apple thinks that just because they are Apple that their customers aren't going to care that they use outdated technology and market it as being new... But people are starting to catch on, and eventually they will realize what else is out there.

Speaking of them not keeping up with the times, there is also FINALLY talk of eye tracking. This sounds cool and they will market it as this new crazy technology and speak on how it will scroll for you when reading, or pause videos when you look away. But realistically, Samsung has been using that technology in their smartphones for about the last two years. It's old news. Get with it, Apple.

Other neat features that the Pro will have will be the dual operating systems. It will probably have iOS 8 AND OS X. So that will be pretty useful in different situations. Of course it will have a beefed up processor and other hardware as well. Other than that, we'll just have to wait and see. But it is for sure something to be excited about!

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