Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Google Now on Apple

An update to the Google Search app for the iPhone and iPad includes Google Now, Google's personal assistant. Google Now uses individually selected interests and info that Google already knows about you from your Google searches. Google now uses your search data to anticipate what you need. For example, Google Now shows you traffic for frequent travel routes. Google Now will display scores for your favorite sport teams and other things it thinks you want to know such as links to the latest blog posts, news sites and entertainment news too.

But iOS devices already come with Apple's personal assistant, Siri. With Siri already built into the iPhone and iPad, is there really a point to having Google Now as well?

There are a lot of things that make Siri and Google now very similar. They can both show you sports scores and good places to eat near you. They can both get you directions. But the cool thing about Siri is that it can actually do things for you like set up new calendar events or reminders for the future. You can also have Siri text or call people for you, play music for you, and even launch apps or update your Facebook status. Siri is also really easy to access even when you are in another app. All you ever have to do is push a button.

Google Now
Google decided to make something a little bit different from Siri. It has voice search which is built into the Google Search app, but it doesn't really focus on getting information for you on command. The main thing that Google Now has is that is can anticipate what you need before you even ask for it. That is the main difference between Google Now and Siri.

Before you leave for work, Google Now will show you traffic updates for your trip to work. It will show you local news stories and sports scores of all the teams you like. You'll already have all of this waiting for you when you wake up. As long as you have your location on, and you are logged into Google when you search, your life can be this easy. If you don't do either of those things, then Google Now is pretty much useless.

As you may have guessed, it also uses mostly Google apps. It uses the Google Calendar and Gmail, so if you don't use those apps then it will also be a little less useful than it could be.

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As far as which one is better, they are actually both really awesome. And the cool thing is that you can use Google Now and Siri at the same time! If you are smart, that is exactly what you will do. Siri is the best at answering questions for you and making hands free calls. It is way easier to do things hands free with Siri.

Google Now is really awesome for having the information you need right when you need it without even trying. It is one of the most convenient things ever. And there is no reason in the world that you can't be taking advantage of both of them!

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