Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mapquest Making A Comeback

At one point, Mapquest was one of the most important tools we had when it came to travel. These days, Mapquest has almost become 100% irrelevant in the modern world. In most cases, it would make you mad if you actually had to use Mapquest instead of your phone.

The mappers at Mapquest know that their product has fallen off, but they have not stopped developing their business. They have continued working and building on their product to make a big return to relevance in the mobile technology world.

Mapquest was intended to help you navigate your travels, but these days most people only use it to get a general idea of how much gas money they are going to spend ahead of time and figure out how long their trips will take. Even if it isn't being used as it was intended, it has still maintained its ranking as one of the top 200 websites in the United States. Recently, they added local discovery and sharing along with a brand new mobile mapping product. They have also gained a lot of partners to enhance the quality of all the listings on its map product.

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They have teamed up with MLB and Hampton Inn. Now users can see all of the Hampton Inns near them on one tab and will also be able to book hotel rooms.

Partnering with MLB has helped them out in several ways. It's nice for users to be able to explore the stadiums on Mapquest and have the ability to download specific team kits. It also benefits Mapquest because now they are the sole mapping partner within the official MLB app.

Now Mapquest results also include all of the listings and information for GrubHub online ordering, SinglePlatform, Booker's schedule for spas, SeatGeek results for event tickets, FAA airport delays, and in the coming months will also include Foursquare's venue tips.

Mapquest is trying to fight to become what they once were. They used to be the go to tool for anyone's travel needs. Now, it's going to take a lot more for them to rise to the top, especially with Google and Apple having their own built in travel tools and fighting every day to overcome each other. The competition is insane, and Mapquest thinks they have what it takes to move beyond simple road mapping and transform into a full-service utility for every day use.

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