Friday, November 18, 2011

Airports Starting to Sell Ad Space on Control Towers

Medford Airport Control TowerIt is no surprise that in these tough economic times, companies are looking to put advertisements anywhere. Any surface that can house an ad for a company is being sold so that struggling businesses can make some quick cash. However, officials at an airport in Medford, Oregon have done something truly bizarre. Officials have recently given approval to place giant corporate logos on the airport's control tower.

The Medford City Council took a vote during the week to amend city code, allowing these gigantic adds to be placed. Each ad measures 25-by-25 feet with one being placed on each of the four sides of the 100-foot tall control tower, a landmark to the city.

The combined revenue of the ads is said to generate $3,000 per month and Councilor Al Densmore has said that even though he would love to keep public buildings free and clear of advertising, the money will help reduce landing fees and, in turn, make the airport more attractive to new airlines.

Medford's city planning commission actually voted against the proposal last month, which prompted the director of the airport to go directly to the council himself. Allen Adamson, Managing Director of the global branding firm Landor, stated that the idea to put advertising on the control tower is a "no-brainer" and that he expects many airports to follow the Medford's lead.

Personally, I have always found control towers to be a bit boring. Now that Medford is selling ad space on theirs, I can only hope that I will one day be flying into an airport only to see a giant advertisement for the McRib on the control tower. A 25-by-25-foot rib sandwich sure would be something to behold.

Source: MSNBC - Oregon airport to put ads on control tower

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