Friday, September 9, 2011

Travel Purchases Influenced by Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent Flyer MilesIn most cases travelers tend to give some thought and consideration to earning frequent flyer miles whenever making decisions about travel purchases.

At least that is true according to a survey that was recently conducted by GO Airport Express and The GO Group, one a ground transportation company out of Chicago and the other an international franchise organization of ground transportation companies.

The survey had a total of 675 participants, all of which were asked how often earning frequent flyer miles factored into their decisions. Nearly 71% indicated that earning frequent flyer miles always, frequently or occasionally factored into their decision with only 28% saying that it never does.

According to President of GO Airport Express John McCarthy, "I think the survey tells us that people are seeking an added value when making airfare, hotel or other related purchases, as opposed to choosing on single factors such as price."

In addition to that, customers of GO Airport Express can also earn Preferred Rider miles as well as United Mileage Plus or American Advantage miles by joining the free Preferred Rider Program.

I am not a frequent flyer though I do know that if I was, I would definitely be looking into decisions that increased my frequent flyer miles. With the downward spiral our economy is on, coupled with the rising fuel costs and rising prices of airline tickets, frequent travelers can use all the help they can get.

Source: The Sacramento Bee - Frequent Flyer Miles Factor Into Travel Purchases According to GO Airport Express

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