Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Make Traveling with Dogs Safer and Easier

So, a lot of people like to travel and a lot of people like having dogs, and there are some out there that even like traveling and having dogs. However, this scenario poses a problem for these people: what to do with the dog when you travel. Well, there are a lot of different options. You can leave the dog with a friend, neighbor or relative, put the dog in a kennel or at a ridiculous doggy resort, or you can take the dog with you. Now that last option is pretty easy if your dog is small but a lot of people have big dogs and keeping them safe when you travel is hard.

If you are traveling with your dog, there are some serious things you need to consider first. First off, never let your dog stick their head out the window if you plan on traveling at high speeds. If your dog does this, you run the risk of debris or other things getting into your dog's eyes and causing some pretty bad damage. However, it seems kind of cruel to keep your dog from sticking its head out the window, so invest in some doggles. Doggles are goggles for dogs that can protect their eyes in these types of situations.

Second, never let your dog sit in the front seat. This may seem strange but hear me out. If you get into a wreck, or even a fender bender, and the airbag deploys, then that can cause some serious harm to your dog. You should also never leave your dog in the car by itself. The number one cause of death dogs is heart related issues. If you leave your dog in the car for too long and it becomes overheated, it could have heart problems and die.

If you absolutely must leave your dog in the car, then keep the air conditioner on and leave some cold water in the car, especially in the summertime. It is also recommended that you do not shave your dog for the summer. This seems to go against everything you have heard, right? Well, dogs have a built-in cooling system which goes away if you shave them. Excessive panting and a red mucus membrane instead of pink are both signs of heat stroke in your dog.

Serious dog lovers can even get a dog first aid kit to keep in their car. This works much like a human fist aid kit containing everything you would need in a doggy emergency. With this information, traveling with your dog can become much easier and much safer.

Source: News 8 - How to keep dogs safe in the summer

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