Thursday, December 9, 2010

Use your iPhone To Check Into Hotels

Did you know that you can fully check in to hotel rooms with merely the press of a button using a new Smartphone app from Openways? Openways is the global provider of access-management software solutions for mobile platforms, which exclusively caters to security and hospitality industries.

This Openways solution allows you to completely bypass the hassle of waiting in line to check in, waiting for the clerk to process your information etc., and go straight from your vehicle to your hotel door. The way the technology works is by implementing a rather novel idea: If you are traveling with an iPhone, Blackberry, NOKIA or Android-based mobile cell phone, you can use this app to securely obtain an encrypted room key, which of course can be used to unlock your room door. The encrypted key itself is actually “dematerialized” in the sense that it is tonal and relies upon the principle of Crypto Acoustic Credential.

Of course every new technology in security applications brings with it the natural and fundamental question of just how secure it is. Concerning how secure a given acoustic key is as opposed to traditional ‘material’ key technology, there are a few things to consider:

For those of you worried about security issues that might result from a lost or stolen cell phone, the acoustic key itself is in no way stored on the mobile device, but always remains on Openway’s servers. So when it comes to scenarios in which a lost key might compromise the security of a room, the Openways solution is actually the more secure option, since there is no material key to be lost or stolen in the first place, and every key that is used to access a room is unique each time it is used. This means that any recording of the key will be flagged as fraudulent by the technology and rendered incapable of unlocking the given door assigned to the real key.

Of course the app can only work with hotels that support the technology, so one must keep this in mind when using the Openways solution.

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