Saturday, October 23, 2010

NYC Airports Introduce Full-Body Scanners

Airport Full Body ScannerTalk to anybody who has seriously traveled in recent years and the one thing every single one of them will tell you is that the worst part of traveling is definitely the airports. Well, not so much the airports as the airport security. And if you have ever been through an airport then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Air travelers already sacrifice their shoes as well as their bottled water in order to mosey on through airport security checkpoints. Going through security takes long enough as it is and the hassles are never few. But now air travelers will have even more security to go through, especially if they are planning on traveling through one of New York City's three major airports.

In light of new security measures being added to New York City airports, some travelers will have to start saying goodbye to their modesty. Not sure what I mean? Well, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has begun a slow rollout of high-tech full body scanners in New York and New Jersey.

The machines give screeners the ability to see beneath an individual's clothing in order to search for weapons or other improper articles. At the Kennedy Airport on Friday, select passengers at the American Airlines terminal were asked to step inside a large X-ray machine and raise their arms after passing through a metal detector.

The devices use a low dose of radiation in order to create computerized images of a person's body. There are a lot of potential problems with this new security system that could arise. While the TSA obviously has the well being of every passenger that passes through an airport in mind, this newest development may go a little too far.

The TSA currently has many of these X-rays devices deployed in 61 airports across the country.
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Wimpie said...

You have the UNCONDITIONAL RIGHT to OPT-OUT and especially to OPT-OUT your kids!
Google "DONT SCAN US" or go to:
for important safety and privacy information as well as actual images, not the propaganda that TSA is spewing.