Friday, May 14, 2010

Yellowstone National Park App

Yellowstone National Park App

A lot of people go to national parks such as Yellowstone to get away from technology, but what if you could use your iPhone to make your trip more exciting? What if your iPhone alone could provide you with a GPS-guided tour of the park, along with the history of Yellowstone told by renowned tour guides? Guess what? There's an app for that!

GeoRoamer is your very own audio tour guide of Yellowstone! You'll hear over a century's worth of knowledge as you're guided through the park, from experts Aubrey Haines, John Good, and Lee Whittlesey*. While you're guided through the park, the GPS system will let you know exactly where you are where you are heading, so you don't get lost.

The app includes all major tour sites in the park in its database and is based on the revolutionary Apple iPhone 3GS mobile phone. Most visitors to the park aren't able to have their own personal tour guide. That can be expensive and the park just doesn't have the resources, but with the GeoRoamer app, you get all the same benefits. Not only will you learn everything you need to know about popular sites, but you'll learn where the best views are located. Location experts can take you to the places best for beautiful scenery. For example, if you want to visit Barronette Peak, the app will take you there, tell you where you can find the head of the trail, so you can walk up the peak, and in addition, it lets you know if the trail is accessible by wheelchair or stroller.

As you drive through the park, the app will tell you what the closest site you're approaching is and how far away it is, and provide directions from where you are. When you're near the site, the audio track will begin to play on its own. In between sites? The app allows you to listen to several "general interest subjects," such as the Fire or 1988, how the Continental Divide was determined, to simply learning about the park's bears. If you need to know the distance between towns and park sites, the app can do that, too, as well as let you know where the nearest bathroom is. You'll also find information on road construction, any type of emergencies (such as not drinking the water in a certain area), site accessibility, and local restaurant information (such as hours and menus).

From the Isa Lake to North Twin Lake, to the 45th Parallel line and more, the GeoRoamer app can help you find it, and even help you find bears!

*Aubrey Haines has been with the National Park Service for nearly 70 years and is considered the biggest expert on Yellowstone and has written several books on the topic. John Good, a world-class geologist is the park's retired Chief Naturalist. Lee Whittlesesy is the Park's Archivist, also having published a number of books on the topic.

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