Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Traveling with Your iPad

Traveling with Your iPad

Now that the iPad has officially been released, people are scrambling to get their hands on the gadgets and experiment with just how they plan to use the thing. Bill at decided to travel with his iPad instead of of his laptop, and says that while he found it to be a smooth transition, he would recommend you purchase several iPad accessories to take along for the ride.

Among the suggested accessories: Klipsch 24 in-ear headphones. Bill says he considers these are the best headphones for blocking out "engine noise or the screaming kid in seat 14c." He also says they're really comfortable. He also suggests getting an iPad Stand, an Apple Wireless Keyboard, and GoGo Inflight Internet. For more of Bill's suggestions, visit

Meanwhile, designer, manufacturer and retailer of laptop and traveler bags, TOM BIHN, has designed a personal carry-on travel bag that is designed to fit the iPad. The Co-Pilot's sleeve inside the main compartment is just the right size for your iPadk inside the Apple case. Other features the bag offers, include YKK splash-proof zippers, an ultrasuede lined iPhone pocket, a water bottle pocket, and multiple pen and organizational pockets. For $110, the bag can be ordered through the TOM BIHN website and will be available in mid-June. TOM BIHN is also creating a protective sleeve and messenger bag, both built specifically for the iPad

And finally, Tony Bradly at says ditch your laptop and take your iPad along when you travel. Why? Fist of all, the iPad is lighter, thinner, and fits easily into a carry-on bag. Also, it'll be easier to get through security, due to the fact that the TSA has decided the iPad is not a laptop and can be left in your carry-on bag. He also mentions the iPad's extended battery life, versatility, and ease of use in a cramped space as reasons for taking your iPad on you next trip.

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