Monday, September 14, 2009

New TomTom Car Kit for iPhone

According to TomTom's website, they will begin selling a new Car Kit for iPhone at some time in October. The kit will work for both the iPhone and iPod touch, along with other third party GPS applications.

So what does the Car Kit have to offer? A number of things including its own GPS receiver that, according to NaviGadget, works a lot better than the one already on the iPhone. It also includes a microphone and speaker for hands free calling, allows your phone to charge while driving, and streams music to your car stereo.

Unfortunately, the kit won't currently feature TomTom's iPhone app. The app, which sells for $100 in the United States, can currently be purchased through the iTunes App Store. There is no word on whether or not TomTom will add the app to the Car Kit bundle in the future.

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