Monday, July 28, 2008

Nashville, Indiana Summer 2008

Carmel Corn Cottage in Nashville, Indiana.Needing to keep peace in the family I proposed a visit to the quaint little town of Nashville, Indiana yesterday. Not something I would normally suggest but if my wife and 12 year old step daughter don’t get their fill of shopping each week they get a bit edgy.

From our home in Middletown, Ohio Google maps reported the trip as being 135 miles and taking two and a half hours. However the Google Maps route had way to many turns and road changes for my liking so after zooming in a bit I jotted down a route that to me at least appeared much simpler.

Other then the construction heading south on I75, and that on I275 around the northern part of Cincinnati, the trip was what I would consider a relaxing drive.

After only two hours of driving and around 110 miles we pulled into town and as is my custom, took the first parking spot I saw. Though it had been about 12 years since I was last there the little town was not much changed from my last visit. The candle shop still had its giant squeaky wood door and it still bustled with people older than me smelling everything they could get their hands on. Gone however were the giant vats of candle wax behind the counter, where as I child I would stand in amazement watching as they would hand dip the candles over and over again to make all manners of colors and shapes.

Shortly after that we stopped in a little coffee shop where we ran into a co-worker and her friend. The co-worker who lives in Carlisle, Ohio apparently had the same idea about a one tank trip to Nashville, Indiana when she woke up that day. I chuckled when she mentioned they had used Google Maps that morning and it had gotten them lost. Though I had only jotted down the directions on scrap paper, which was really easy to do after deciding against the Goolge plan, I was somewhat comforted knowing my cell phone has access to the internet and of course those same great map programs that you should never count on.

After about 3 hours of t-shirt shops, candy shops, toy stores and lunch at the Sandwich Place, which has been stuck in the basement of the same old building for as long as I have been going over there, we took our bag of nick knacks and headed home.

The pictures for the trip were taken on my step daughter’s seven megapixel Olympus digital camera. I am not saying it’s a cheap camera but it is one that you might buy a 12 year old. My five megapixel Cannon did not make the trip because its battery charger recently died. Looking at the pictures after I uploaded them to my Andy Wendt Flickr account I could tell that despite the pixel advantage that a cheap camera has its draw backs.

Although we did not have time on this trip, if you enjoy the outdoors, the nearby Brown County State park is an excellent place for a picnic, or a hike if the time permits.

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